Kapsch Meeting rooms

Kari Kapsch, owner and general manager of Kasch Carrier Com, a world-renowned telematics solutions company, spearheaded a project that set the standard for cutting-edge work environments in Austria. The employees were actively engaged in the design process of the 24 distinct meeting spaces within the office building. Through a few workshops, the concept of conference rooms designed like theater stages was born. Each space is unique and offers a respite from the daily grind.

The degree of employee attachment to the office is unparalleled in Austria. Kapsch received accolades for this endeavor, winning the “Beste Arbeitswelt 2014” (Best World of Working 2014) and the German Design Award in 2018.


  • Vienna, Austria


  • Kapsch


  • 2013


  • Built


  • Wideshot Design

Project Architect

  • Sebastian Kaus
  • Csenge Lánszki


  • Beste Arbeitswelt 2014
  • German Design Award 2018