MONARCH is a design company based in Vienna and Budapest focusing on architecture and interior design on various scales.
We are convinced that our comprehensive approach combined with a vast field of expertise and the right partners is important and necessary to reach the ideal solution for each project.

With our knowledge in architectural design and new technologies we aim for the best interdisciplinary result. We analyse our tasks from a multitude of standpoints in order to always be able to make the right decisions, from the first concept until a projects completion.


Ágnes Szörcsey

Project Architect - Interior design

Bálint Németh


Beáta Bartha


Bettina György


Csenge Lánszki

Managing Director, ZT

Emese Juhász

Architect, Settlement engineer

György Halász

Project Architect, BIM Manager

Ilham Al-Hajjar


Klaudia Csáki

Project Manager

Krisztina Szemes

Office manager

Lehel Tatár

Head of technology, BIM Manager

Mihály Mattyasovszky Zsolnay

Project Architect

Réka Jeszenői


Stephan Tomasi

Partner - Austria

Tamás Németh

Project Architect

Zsuzsa Kapoor

Project Manager

Architectural Planing

We deliver architectural design with the goal to find the best solution for each assignment, while keeping the the balance between quality, budget and time throughout every phase of the project.

Initial information search – Concept design – Preliminary design – Permit design – Execution design – Tender preparation – Tender management – Documentation

Fit-Out Service

Our team of architects and interior designers always strive to finde the best solution to maximise the functionality and aesthetics of commercial interior spaces.

Test-fits – Concept design – Interior design – Space planing – Design management – Design supervision

Interior Design

We love to work on every scale from furniture to complex interiors. Each project provides a unique challenge to find the right balance of function and aesthetics.

Initial Research – Concept design – Preliminary Design – Approvals – Execution Design – Tender Preparation – Tender Management – Documentation

Digital Design & Technology

Introducing digital skill sets and parametric thinking through drawing, modelling, prototyping and visualisation is an essential factor of our team in each project for innovative and time-effective planning.

3D Modeling – Parametric Design and Analysis – Pointcloud scanning – BIM – Rendering – Graphic design – Drone technology

Clients & Partners

MONARCH is continously working together with other architecture companies, interior designers and landscape designers in various fields from Hungary and Austria. We believe strong cooperation with other experts lead to projects that benefit not only from the thought-through and functional design but also from the economical, technical and project management aspects that MONARCH can offer.