Farkaslaka Adventure Park

Located amidst two existing hall buildings and the industrial area, this project aims to provide visitors with a unique and innovative leisure experience. The envisioned building complex is designed to attract visitors from all around throughout the year, offering recreation and entertainment for all ages.

The high-quality playhouse and adventure park, made with innovative features and high-quality materials, will be complemented by an outdoor go-kart track. The existing halls will be connected by a contemporary extension featuring an elegant sheet metal façade, which will contrast with the translucent glass façade of the extension. The central feature of the courtyard is the go-kart track, providing an exciting recreational opportunity for visitors of all ages, with an additional outdoor playground and climbing wall.


  • Romania


  • Tibor Bindea


  • 2022


  • Concept Design


  • Ágnes Szörcsey, Márk Havanecz