Transylvania Castle

A new hotel, gastronomy, conference, and event tourism complex will be established in one of the most beautiful legacies of Transylvanian Baroque architecture. The castle building, which is to be preserved as much as possible in its original state, will house new tourism functions for both historic preservation and professional and commercial reasons. On the ground floor, visitors will find the reception, lounge-café, restaurant, and conference-related amenities, such as meeting rooms. The former wine cellar, with its vaulted ceiling and spacious structure, will provide an authentic and atmospheric setting for wine-related events.

The south side’s arched entrance of the external retaining wall provides a useful additional consumption space for guests to connect to the terrace. A new plinth, extending the basement level, will be created by removing the retaining wall on the park side and partially removing the park in front of the castle. An intensive green roof, recessed into the landscape, will add significant value in terms of use. The new underground wing will have a park-facing apex and a function room with a capacity of nearly 130 people. Complementing the ideal hotel classification of 40 rooms, the five 35 m2 apartments (chalets) will be built in the castle park with an architectural design that deliberately departs from the language of the castle for added diversity.


  • Romania


  • Private


  • Concept design


  • Csenge Lánszki, SPP Architects : Loránt Perényi, Bence Pottyondy, Viktória Weimper