Aquapark Transylvania

The Sovata Aquapark project is nestled in the captivating Mureș County, Transylvania, Romania, a town renowned for its thermal baths, therapeutic lake, and rich tradition of exquisite wooden architecture.

The Aquapark proposal artfully blends contemporary design with the region’s traditional architectural style, serving as a state-of-the-art addition to the existing thermal landscape.

In order to seamlessly integrate with the rural and lush forest surroundings, the building was thoughtfully divided into three volumes, gracefully curving around the descending hillside. These volumes are connected by glazed “canyons,” allowing natural light to illuminate the space and creating a seamless connection between visitors and the surrounding environment.

Each volume is thoughtfully dedicated to a specific function within the waterpark. The first volume encompasses the reception area, changing rooms, and a delightful restaurant. The central volume, commanding attention, houses thrilling slides and dynamic activity pools. The third volume, with its close affinity to the woods, encompasses a serene SPA area, relaxation zones, and pools designed for young children.

The facade showcases vertical wooden profiles, acting as a filter with varying density to create distinct levels of transparency and privacy, reminiscent of the majestic trees that dominate the landscape.


  • Sovata, Romania


  • Private


  • 2022


  • Concept Design


  • Csenge Lánszki, Dénes Barabás, Stephan Tomasi